The "Stiletto" coffee table is thin, sleek and sexy. It was inspired by the balance and beauty of a woman in high heels. It's minimal form is composed of intersecting glass and stainless steel.

"Matcha" twist and shake is a refreshing take on traditional Japanese tea. The bottle is designed to resemble a Chasen, the tool used to mix the tea in traditional ceremony. Now you can enjoy Matcha in a new portable bottle without preservatives.

"Matcha" twist and shake was launched this year at Maison et Objet in Paris and was the winner of two innovation awards.

IZI is a project I am working on in partnership with the Hong Kong based ceramics company Loveramics. The iPhone dock is a low profile ceramic object that proudly displays your phone, this is achieved by using an L shaped lighting connector that fits securely into the base.

MOU5E re-imagines the computer mouse by concealing the standard left and right click buttons under leather, giving it a sleek surface. Ideal for gaming, the trigger-like scroll wheel is designed to increase reaction time.

Ubot is a smartwatch concept. It is designed to be used in parallel with the android platform. The design is inspired by scuba watches that have a protective exoskeleton. It features a long rectangular face and customizable strap.
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