The "Stiletto" coffee table is thin, sleek and sexy. It was inspired by the balance and beauty of a woman in high heels. It's minimal form is composed of intersecting glass and stainless steel.

Hollowpoint exists solely as my concept for the future of earbuds. If anyone is interested and has the passion and privilege to peruse this innovation do not hesitate to contact me. 99 out of 100 people would say that this design is impossible to make but it is that 1% of people who are brave enough to believe in an idea that drive innovation. 

The Fetish chair attempts to bridge the gap between our cultural demand for new objects and our personal desire for nostalgia.

The chair is CNC milled from hard white oak and finished with black rubber. It is my second chair to design and manufacture.

The "Heart of Diamond" watch features a complex knurled face, large contrasting hands and an innovative mechanism that holds a .25ct diamond. The watch was a reaction to the popular "super bling" diamond watches. My goal was to make a watch that radiated like ripples on a pond centered on a single stone.

The Pophdwr watch was for the rising Canadian brand of caps, toques and beanies. They are expanding into a whole new line of products including plaid shirts, sunglasses and....watches.

"Vanity" was designed as a gift to my wife Suki. It has Knoll gray fabric body and high gloss rose wood legs + top.
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