The "Stiletto" coffee table is thin, sleek and sexy. It was inspired by the balance and beauty of a woman in high heels. It's minimal form is composed of intersecting glass and stainless steel.

"Matcha" twist and shake is a refreshing take on traditional Japanese tea. The bottle is designed to resemble a Chasen, the tool used to mix the tea in traditional ceremony. Now you can enjoy Matcha in a new portable bottle without preservatives.

"Matcha" twist and shake was launched this year at Maison et Objet in Paris and was the winner of two innovation awards.

My latest project is Ubot, a smartwatch concept. It is designed to be used in parallel with the android platform. The design is inspired by scuba watches that have a protective exoskeleton. It features a long rectangular face and customizable strap.

The Fetish chair attempts to bridge the gap between our cultural demand for new objects and our personal desire for nostalgia.

The chair is CNC milled from hard white oak and finished with black rubber. It is my second chair to design and manufacture.

"The Suit Sofa" is the new all-in-one contemporary chesterfield, chaise longue, day bed/ guest sleeper, gallery bench, clubber couch and any other combination sofa that you can dream up.

It is a fusion of multipurpose Japanese furniture that has been reinforced with a chesterfield inspired modular grid that allows users to control their environment. The sofa got it's name The Suit because it of its ability to accommodate in any situation, much like a mans favorite tailored suit.

This concept was conceived at a trendy rooftop lounge that featured a series of large oversized chesterfield ottomans. The kind that are part ottoman, part bed. "I was watching people trying to make themselves comfortable on these expansive platform chesterfields that led me to dream up the idea of interlocking cushions that might fit into the button holes of the chesterfield. I took that simple idea and refined it and at the same time redefined what a chesterfield could be that led me to the Suit sofa."-CY

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